Aquaculture Nico September 14, 2021


Aquaculture production has experienced a lot of growth during the last decade. This means that different alternatives of production are needed to keep this growth organic and sustainable. The extensive use of antibiotics challenges the industry to find new sustainable solutions to boost performance.

We have developed an environmentally friendly science-based solution that replaces antibiotics in aquaculture, while at the same time enhancing productive parameters.


Feed Sap S15
• The first concentrated and standardized extract to control coccidiosis.
• Scientifically proven to enhance productive parameters, improve intestinal health and decrease oocyst count.
• Tested under different conditions against Isospora Suis.
BioQuil Cocci
• Proprietary solution made from pure pulverized Quillaja saponaria, twhich decreases NH3 emissions and boosts productive parameters such as body weight gain and feed conversion ratio through improved nitrogen intake and antibacterial.
• Inmunomodulant capacity boosts immune response.
• Suitable for all types of poultry (broilers, laying hens, turkeys).