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Natural Swine Antibiotic Replacement: GMP+ Certified Quillaja Saponaria Formulations

Swine production is highly dependant on the use of antibiotics to be efficient. Coccidiosis is one of the most prevalent diseases, especially in piglets, decreasing production parameters and weakening performance. The use of antibiotics in swine production has created drug-resistant superbugs, a major biosecurity problem that urgently needs to be addressed by the industry.

We have developed a toolbox consisting of natural ingredients based on Quillaja saponaria, which helps replace antibiotics and synthetic growth promoters while at the same time maintaining production efficiency.

Advancing Swine Health with Natural Swine Antibiotic Solutions


World first encapsulated Quillaja saponaria extract optimized for an homogeneus delivery through the whole intestinal tract.
Sap Capsule®
• Proprietary technology designed to enhance benefits of Quillaja saponaria saponins as an anticoccidial.
• Through our proprietary slow release technology (CapsuleTM), Sap Capsule® reach the whole intestine, actively reducing the amount of coccidias.
• The most effective natural solution to control coccidiosis.
First concentrated Quillaja saponaria extract fully standarized in saponin content.

Feed Sap Forte®
• The first concentrated and standardized extract to control coccidiosis.
• Scientifically proven to enhance productive parameters, improve intestinal health and decrease oocyst count.
• Tested under different conditions against Isospora suis.
Proprietary blend, based on 100% natural Quillaja saponaria extract and pulverized botanical powder. Fully standardized on triterpenic saponins.
Feed Sap Powder®
• Proprietary ingredient, based on pure Quillaja saponaria powder and extract with scientific and commercial validations.
• Designed to enhance productive parameters such as body weigh gain and feed conversion ratio, especially when there is Isospora suis infection.
• Immunomodulant capacity improves immune response.
• Specially tested on weaned piglets.

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