Pets admin Plantae Labs August 19, 2021


Pets are a valuable member of families. However, undesirable aromas of feces are a big concern.

We have developed a natural solution based on triterpenic saponins. This reduces gases that contribute to undesirable emissions and helps to produce more consistent feces. Our ingredients also enhance beneficial intestinal microflora, improving digestion and gut health.

Different scientific studies show that our ingredients provide sustainable solutions for odour control, feces consistency and gut health for the pet food industry.


Proprietary blend of Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera saponins.
BioQuil Gold®
• Outstanding ability to decrease NH3.
• Combination of the power of the two most important saponins in animal health.
• B50 value below 4.
• Improve intestinal health, nutrient absorption, immune response, and productive parameters.
Whole pulverized Quillaja saponaria powder with scientific and commercial validations.
• Proprietary ingredient based on pure pulverized Quillaja saponaria powder.
• A natural product that reduces the emissions of NH 3 and other gases that produce undesirable odors in feces.
• Increases intestinal health and immunostimulating properties.
• Improves the consistency of feces.

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