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The huge amount of antibiotics used in livestock production poses a significant risk to global biosecurity.

We have developed a revolutionary and 100% natural ingredient to target specific diseases in poultry, aquaculture and swine. Our proprietary technology assures that our products are the perfect option to eliminate or reduce the use of antibiotics in global meat production industries.

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Fruit and vegetables rely on synthetic pesticides to maintain their yields and production volumes. This bad practice results in enormous environmental damage and threatens human health.

We have developed the next generation of botanical solutions to target specific diseases in the organic growing of fruit and vegetables. Our proprietary technology guarantees the efficacy of our formulas and enables our customers to practice agriculture in a more natural way.

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Post harvest
Post Harvest Solutions
Wetting Agent Agriculture
Natural Adjuvant


We have developed different botanical solutions based on triterpenic saponins that help reduce unwanted odours and ammonia in pets and livestock faeces. These products also improve gut health and boost production performance in livestock.

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