SCIENCE admin Plantae Labs August 18, 2021



We are passionate about finding new ways to solve real problems of the feed and agriculture industries by using the strength and potency of nature’s active compounds. Our team of scientists combines novel biotechnology techniques together with our vast library of natural extracts to find real solutions for our customers’ specific needs.

Currently we are actively investing in three specific natural solutions projects:

1- Antibiotics reduction.    
• Coccidiosis in Poultry and Swine.
• Histomoniasis in Turkey.

2- Ammonia Reduction and Odour Control.
• Poultry and Swine.
• Pets.

3-  Biopesticides and natural surfactants for agriculture.


We have a strong international network of R&D partners.  Together, we validate the efficacy of all our ingredients, proving their consistency when tested in various locations under different protocols.

Some of the Plantae Vital R&D partners:

de Chile

North Carolina
State University

de Sao Paulo

Southern Poultry
Research Group


Our raw materials are 100% natural. Thus, active compounds can vary depending on location and season. To overcome this variability, our production and quality team works hard to formulate and standardize every batch.

Our laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, which enable us to measure the active compounds of all our products. In this way, we offer complete batch-to-batch consistency, guaranteeing the efficacy of our ingredients in the final application.