Shrimps admin Plantae Labs August 19, 2021


Aquaculture production has grown a lot over the last decade. Ammonia is the most toxic pollutant in aqua production, leading to poor animal performance and water contamination.

We have developed an environmentally friendly science-based solution that replaces the use of antibiotics in aquaculture, while at the same time enhancing productive parameters.


First Quillaja saponaria extract
fully standarized in saponin content.
BioQuil Gold®
• The first concentrated and fully standardized saponin extract to reduce NH3. It boosts performance, reduces emissions and improves water quality.
• Excellent for customers who are looking for a low inclusion rate.
• Available in powder and liquid forms.
Whole pulverized Quillaja saponaria powder with scientific and commercial validations.
• Proprietary solution made from pure pulverized Quillaja saponaria, which decreases NH3 emissions and boosts productive parameters such as body weight gain and feed conversion ratio through improved nitrogen intake and antibacterial properties.
• Improved water quality, especially under intensive conditions.
• Suitable for shrimps, salmon, tilapia and other fish.