Swine admin Plantae Labs August 18, 2021


Ammonia emissions from swine trigger diverse problems in health, productivity and welfare, leading to poor performance and distress.

Global swine production is responsible for 15% of ammonia livestock emissions. This pollutant plays a crucial role in acidification and eutrophication of the environment. Decreasing ammonia emissions is a major challenge in swine production, considering that global pig consumption is predicted to increase by 75% in 2050.

We offer a natural solutions based on triterpenic saponins that reduce NH3 levels and other gases, thus helping to enable a more efficient and sustainable industry.


First Quillaja saponaria extract
fully standarized in saponin content.
BioQuil Gold®
• The first concentrated and standardized extract to control ammonia reduction and improve performance as an alternative growth promotor.
• Scientifically proven to enhance productive parameters.
• Low inclusion rate and water soluble.
• Suitable for all stages of swine production.
Whole pulverized Quillaja saponaria powder with scientific and commercial validations.
• Proprietary solution made from pure pulverized Quillaja saponaria that reduces NH3 emissions and boosts productive parameters such as body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.
• Excellent performance in stress conditions when infected by the most common parasites.
• Suitable for all stages of swine production.