Pet Foods Nico August 19, 2021


Pets are a valuable member of families. However, undesirables’ aromas of faeces are a big concern.

We have developed a natural solution based on triterpenic saponins. This reduces gases that contribute to undesirable emissions and helps to produce more consistent faeces. Our ingredients also enhance beneficial intestinal microflora, improving digestion and gut health.

Different scientific studies show that our ingredients provide sustainable solutions for odour control, faeces consistency and gut health for the pet food industry.


Feed Sap S15
• Concentrated and standardized extract to improve performance as alternative growth promotor. Scientifically tested.
• Perfect for those who are looking for low inclusion rate in order to add more additives.
• Suitable for all stages
• Its a natural solution made from pure pulverized Quillaja Saponaria to reduce NH3 emissions and enhance productive parameters such as Body Weigh Gain and Feed Conversion Ratio.
• Exellent in stress conditions under the infection of most commond parasites.
• Suitable for all stages