Poultry Nico August 18, 2021


Poultry production faces several challenges in order to become more sustainable, without compromising efficiency. Among the most devastating diseases in poultry are coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis, which alone cause losses of more than USD 3 billion annually worldwide. The use of antibiotics in poultry products has created drug-resistant superbugs, a mayor biosecurity problem that urgently needs to be addressed by the industry.

We have developed a toolbox of natural ingredients based on Quillaja Saponaria, which has been demonstrated to be extremely efficient in fighting these two mayor diseases. Our natural ingredients have been scientifically tested at different research centres around the world, showing exceptional results in layers and broilers.


Sap Capsule
• Proprietary technology designed to enhance benefits of Quillaja Saponin as an anticoccidial.
• Through our proprietary slow release technology, Sap Capsules reach the whole intestine, actively reducing the amount of coccidias.
• The most effective natural solution to control coccidiosis, especially Eimeria Tenella.
• We have preform 5 large scale trials in different conditions with international R&D centers proving the efficacy of Sap Capsules to control coccidiosis.
Feed Sap S15
• The first concentrated and standardized extract to control coccidiosis.
• Scientifically proven to enhance productive parameters, improve intestinal health and decrease oocyst count.
• More than 10 large scale trials in different conditions and exposed to the most important types of Eimeria prove FeedSap efficacy to control coccidiosis.
BioQuil Cocci
• Proprietary ingredient based on pure pulverized Quillaja Saponaria powder is a scientifically proven alternative anticoccidial.
• Direct action against different types of Eimeria such as E. acervulina, E. maxima and E. Tenella. Positive results against Necrotic Enteritis.
• Improved productive parameters such as body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.
• Immunomodulant capacity that improves immune response.
• Suitable for all types of poultry production.
• Suitable for all types of poultry production and competitive cost in use.