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Alternative to fungicides in orchards

Botanical Fungicide: Plant-Based Solutions for Efficient Agriculture

Advancing Agriculture with Natural Fungicide

organic fungicide for plants

Replaces traditional chemicals with solutions based on botanical extracts, with the same effectiveness and without residue restrictions in the destination markets

Proven Benefits

  • Effective alternative to chemically synthesized fungicides and bactericides.
  • Fungi Block Field® has a fungi-static and curative effect on phytopathogenic fungi, since its proprietary formulation based on plant extracts acts by sensibilizing and saturating their membranes and cell walls, causing serious damage and causing their collapse and death.
  • It has an effect on the cellular respiration of fungi
  • It inhibits the germination of spores and their development on the surface of the leaves and fruits.
  • Triggers an action on the defensive system of plants, which
    makes it stronger against disease attacks.
  • Control of fungal phytopathogens such as:
    • Colletotrichum gloesporoides.
    • Penicillium spp.
    • Alternaria spp.
    • Aspergillus spp.
    • Botryosphaeria spp.
    • Botrytis cinérea.
    • Sclerotinia spp.
    • Fusarium spp.
    • Verticillium dahliae.
  • It presents a multi-site action, which makes it more resistant to possible resistance of phytopathogens.
  • Useful for applications close to harvest, since, due to its nature, it does not present unwanted residues in destination markets.
  • Its formulation is made entirely of GRAS ingredients.
fungicida para plantas
fungicida natural para plantas

Product Description

    • Fungi Block Field® is made up of a proprietary blend derived from vegetable oils and extracts, totally soluble in water and 100% organic.

    • Contains more than 100 components, which work synergistically, offering different modes of action.

    • It incorporates our proprietary NOVADROPTM technology in its formulation, which guarantees an emulsion made up of very small particles, which increases its stability and efficacy.

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