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Postharvest Fungicide Alternative

PostHarvest Fungicide Solutions: Plant-Based Extracts for Efficient Agriculture

Transforming PostHarvest Care with organic fungicide for plants

natural fungicide for plants

Post-harvest protector of botanical origin, designed to be applied in a preventive and curative way in infections caused by the attack of pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, their spores, and bacterias

Proven Benefits

  • Effective alternative to synthetic fungicides and bactericides
  • Fungi Block PHT® allows the control of microorganisms, since it acts by sensibilizing and saturating their cell membranes and walls, which generates serious damage and causes cell collapse and death
  • Rot control caused by the following fungi:
    • Colletotrichum gloesporoides
    • Penicillium spp.
    • Alternaria spp.
    • Aspergillus spp.
    • Botryosphaeria spp.
    • Botrytis cinérea
    • Sclerotinia spp.
    • Fusarium spp.
    • Verticillium dahliae
  • Useful for the control of bacteria of importance in biosecurity such as E. coli, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria spp.
Fungiblock effect avocado

Product description

    • Fungi Block PHT® is made up of a proprietary blend derived from plant oils and extracts, totally soluble in water and 100% organic
    • It incorporates our proprietary NOVADROPTM technology in its formulation, which guarantees an emulsion composed of very small particles, which increases its stability and efficacy
    • It can be applied in tubs for disinfection and washing of fruits or vegetables, in rinsing showers in the packaging process, or mixed in the post-harvest coating (waxing or coatings)
    • It can be used in packaging machinery of facilities certified under organic guidelines and can also be used to disinfect areas and surfaces
    • It can be mixed with products of an alkaline nature such as waxes, without altering its bactericidal, fungicidal or algicidal effect

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